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2015-05-16 21:53:00

V diskuzní skupině na Linked in jsem doplnil dotaz dánského zástupce asociace opraven Thomase Krebse (viz kopie dotazu)

Repair of damaged Teslas

Have tried to get information about how to repair Teslas and where to purchase parts. Tesla does not answer. In Europe there is by the legislation Euro 5 the duty to supply information and spare parts to the free workshops.

Please make sure that your team of the northern Scandinavia contacts me.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Krebs

Secretary General

Car body repair association SKAD, Denmark, AIRC member


o to jak je to se ztrátou záruky v případě opravy v neznačkovém servisu Tesla. Dotaz , který se tu na foru několikrát opakoval.

Jaké má Tesla podmínky pro uplatnění záruky ?

2015-05-17 16:05:04

otázka na Thomase :

There are Tesla own manufactures (service centers) presented here :


for example in Denmark I see 2 : Arhus and Copenhagen. And my question is please : Are there another Tesla franchised ??? licenced ??? accepted ??? services.

Thomas Krebs píše :

There is one independent car body shop in Rödovre who has gained access to Tesla training by Thatcham in England.. But by the legislation, it is the right for all capable body shops, who have training in relevant technology and relevant equipment, to repair a damaged car - also a Tesla. Tesla cannot deny warranty in the EU, if repairs are done as stated in the repair manuals by the manufacturer. The EURO 5 EU directive makes it clear, that any car manufacutrer has to supply technical information to all repair and body shops, so that they can service and repair the cars. Also they cannot deny free operators on the marked to purchase orignial OEM spares.