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2014-12-06 13:02:47

z facebooku :

I had a question to all the Tesla S owners. Especially 60kwh. I have owned mine for just about 5 months now. Initially I used to get a "daily" rated range of 185 miles to 187 miles battery charge. Couple of months later it dropped to 181 miles. I was told and I understand, that the car adapts to our driving pattern. I'm not a hard foot driver, do not go beyond 70 miles/hod. Tesla service looked into it and said battery looked ok and everything is alright. Couple of months passed by and now I get only a daily rated of 177 miles. I'm not sure if this is how it is with everyone or something is really wrong. Am I just being paranoid or worrying unnecessarily? I'm really glad I own a TMS and car is outstanding otherwise. Appreciate your expert thoughts and advise.

After two years with my S85, my max charge range indication has dropped from 265 to about 253. My daily range indication has dropped from 240 to 232. I think that second one happened suddenly across a software revision when they changed the way they estimate range

MY MS is approaching it's 2 yr anniversary and shows me a rated range between 257 and 261 down from the original 265. After the 5.6 software update it dropped to 252 and popped back up to 257 with the next update.

I have been driving my P85 for the last two years, but I only noticed a minor loss in the battery charge. Great technology.

2015-01-24 05:19:52

Tesla Model S typical range calculation

Many people claim that typical range is based on 200 Wh/km. My own calculations show that it's 187 Wh/km on my car. And on the S60 loaner I calculated about 205 Wh/km.

2015-12-20 12:03:32

Tesla battery contents (Tesla bataryas?n?n analizi)

Tesla battery analysis

Tesla'n?n bataryas?n?n içindekiler ayr?nt?l?

2015-12-20 12:20:05

Odborník na výdrž baterií Maarten Steinbuch dlouhodobě sestavuje graf úbytku kapacity baterií.

2016-07-05 22:21:52

Inside the Tesla Battery

A better take on my Tesla battery video. I wasn't happy with the previous video I did on the Tesla battery so I decided to redo it with better graphics.

I should also mention that in my previous video about the battery I used a couple of images from wk057 and I forgot to give attribution so he filed a copyright claim and it clobbered the video, that's why you can't see it anymore. I'm truly sorry for missing the attribution. I tried reaching out to him but he's not responded.

Anyhow, enjoy!

My Gear:

SONY FDR-AX33 4K camcorder

Xoom H1 Audio recorder

Apple Final Cut Pro X

2016-08-28 20:36:18

Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range 13000 Miles 21 Weeks Ownership Degradation

Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range 13000 Miles 21 Weeks Ownership Degradation

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Went down again :(

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Tesla Motors Model S and Model S Model 3 III Style Lithium Ion Battery Range Degradation

2016-11-12 09:36:36

Model X towing Model S

What happens if a Model X tows a Model S? Due to the length of the rope, we couldn't drive faster. Therefore we didn't reach the maximum regen which is 60 kW. Not long after we started pulling, a yellow dotted line appeared on the Model S. This limits the maximum regen. The Model S is a single motor rear wheel drive standard 85. Maybe if we used a dual motor, we would get higher regen.

Thanks to Jørgen Winther-Larsen for using his Model S. If his videos convinced you into buying a Model S or Model X, you can use his referral link to get a discount:


Amigos by Platinum Butterfly (c) 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Clarence Simpson, Susan (oohs and aahs)

2016-11-12 09:37:56

Vzdálenost : 10,7 km

Čas jízdy : 15 minut

Modelem X spotřebováno 14,9 kWh / modelu S dobito 7,2 kWh

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