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2015-03-01 21:13:13

verse 6.1 (v 2.2.179) - mezinárodní klávesnice

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2015-03-20 21:20:04

verze 6.2. - dojezd vozidla, přesné mapování superchargerů, hláška pro vzdálení od superchargerů, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, zvýšení omezovače rychlosti na 250 km/hod.

The Trip Planner works with the navigation system to automatically add stops at Superchargers on a long-distance trip. The Range Assurance system, on the other hand, will alert drivers when they are about to travel out of range of known Superchargers and previously used charging points. It will then provide a list of nearby charging locations and provide turn-by-turn directions to the one the driver selects.

The 6.2 software update also includes a couple of new safety features including an Automatic Emergency Braking function that automatically applies the brakes when a front-end collision is imminent.

There's also a new Blind Spot Warning system that operates at speeds between 20-85 mph (30-140 km/h). When another vehicle is in the car's blind spot, a "white arc" will appear near the bottom of the speedometer to alert the driver. If the driver fails to notice and a collision is likely, two red arcs will appear as the steering wheel vibrates and a chime is sounded.

Other notable changes include 155 mph (250 km/h) top speed for the Model S P85D and a Valet Mode which enables the owner to limit the car's performance and restrict access to personal information - among other things.

Tesla Model S software 6.2 announcement  |  Více info

I describe what's going to be implemented in the new 6.2 software update, and my thoughts about them. This is a follow-up to Elon Musk' twitter message earlier this week.

2016-01-12 08:07:38

verze 7.1.

SUMMON - automatické parkování - PŘIVOLÁNÍ (beta verze)

Tesla V software - Auto parking inside a narrow garage  |  Více info

This car never ceases to amaze!

2016-01-12 17:32:49

verze 7.1. Perpendicular Parking Demo

Tesla Model S P85D 7.1 Perpendicular Parking Demo (4K Video)  |  Více info

This is a demonstration of the new 7.1 firmware doing perpendicular parking, backing into a spot without user intervention. For a demo of 7.1's Summon feature, please see:

Update: I added Captions which can be automatically translated to other languages. (Click on settings in the bottom-right of the video.)

2016-03-18 01:31:19

Firmware v7.1 (2.14.50) - Summon/Autopark Testing  |  Více info

Installed Firmware v7.1 (2.14.50) and wanted to see if summon/autopark improved on my slightly inclined driveway