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Touchscreen-středová dotyková obrazovka

Fórum Tesla Model S Touchscreen-středová dotyková obrazovka

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2015-02-17 12:14:08

The Model S 17" Touchscreen Display  |  Více info

Introducing the world's most advanced vehicle user interface - the Tesla Model S 17" touchscreen display. Take a look inside master control of the car Motor Trend named 2013's Car of Year, and see firsthand how Tesla is forever changing the way we see electric mobility.

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2016-03-09 23:39:34

Tesla Touchscreen | Settings  |  Více info

The touchscreen is your control panel for accessing functions, features and apps in your Tesla. These videos will will provide a walkthrough of all functions, controls and apps. For enhanced interactivity, these videos will play vertically on your phone or tablet to help you follow along in your Tesla.

Please note: Some functionality, settings and features are not available in certain Countries.

2017-08-05 19:27:18

Camper mode

Tesla Model S Camper Mode explained  |  Více info

I show you what kind of mattress, window shades, etc I use when setting up the Tesla Model S for sleeping in the car with the heater running all night.

Speaker foam:

2017-08-05 19:28:54

Camper mode - Preventing Tesla touchscreen from going to Sleep: