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2016-05-14 12:46:29

US Model X and S headlight comparison  |  Více info

I compared the main headlights in Model X with the Model S pre-facelift. Model S had xenon/HID lights whereas Model X had full LED.

Thanks to John Li for providing the Model S.

2016-05-14 12:47:57

Přídavná světla při zatáčení

2016-12-14 03:59:41

Problémy s vodou vnikající dovnitř světel.

Tesla Motors: DRL's Shorting Out; Water Intrusion in Headlight Housing  |  Více info

Tesla Motors: DRL's Shorting Out; Water Intrusion in Headlight Housing

This is a old video from last summer (July Actually, just catching up on things I have not made live!).

The above shown is on my 2016 Non-Refresh 90D. I had the same issue, only the DRL did not burn out, on my old MS60. I was told buy 3 service centers that water in the headlight was "normal" as it is not a sealed unit. I do not find water in headlights or tail lights normal by any means. My first car, traded it in before it became a further issue (as they would not replace or repair it). But on my 90D, the "Normal" problem of water in the headlight, really wasn't "Normal". As eventually, the DRL started flickering. A few days later, it went out completely. The Headlight also started having issues coming on and randomly going out.

At that point, service center replaced the entire housing. It has been fine since, until yesterday. Now both headlights, and both tail lights have moisture in them. The re-design of the rear end and the tail lights had greatly mitigated the water in tail light issue, however, it is now back unfortunately. I will keep a eye on it and first sign of trouble call service.