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2014-12-06 15:27:33

Firmy vyrábějící a prodávající poprodejní příslušenství a doplňky :

Abstract Ocean – Model S accessories including screen protectors, FOB covers and USB adapters.

Al-Eds AutoSound – Products for Model S and modification and upgrades for audio, radar detection, leather seating logos, etc.

All Things Tesla – Facts, tips and accessories.

BBC - kola.

EVannex – Offers center consoles, lighting, cup-holders and other accessories (formally Teslaccessories).

EV Everything - consoles, coat hooks and Tesla Model S and Model X winter floor mats.

For My Tesla – Wheels, spoilers and other products for the Model S I haven’t’ seen elsewhere.

Koncept Cars - Wheels-kola, carbon fieber-spojlery, masky, doplňky.

Prior Design - design

Power12 – Models S accessories including a new charging lock to stop unauthorized J1772 disconnects.

Reus Audio Systems – Installs custom audio systems for the Model S and other exotics.

RPM Tesla

T Sportline – Wheels, carbon fiber accents, interior accessories for the Models S.

Tesla & More – Center console divider, coat hooks, Nose cone removal tool.

TorkLift Central – Tow bar, magnetic cup holders, removable front license plate holder and more.

ThunderSmile - Nose cone upgrade, maska, design.

Unplugged Performance (pobočka tuningové firmy GT-RR) - tuningová auta.

Vossen Wheels – kola.

The World's Most Expensive Tesla Model S  |  Více info

2015-01-20 13:20:19

Centrální konzole Evannex

Centrální konzole Tesla (příplatková)

Center Console Insert for Tesla Model S  |  Více info

Brought to you by EVannex™, the Center Console Insert (CCI) for the Tesla Model S provides owners with ample storage, a cup holder capable of fitting variable beverage sizes, and a compartment to store and charge your phone. Over 1,000 Tesla Model S owners have the CCI worldwide. For more information, visit: www.evannex.com - and check out the options available, check out the Center Console Insert (CCI) here:

2015-02-20 19:12:49

Čelní maska, design studio

Help refine Tesla’s Model S nose cone !



2015-02-23 10:37:43


Koncept Cars | The Perfect Fit  |  Více info



San Jose, California



Koncept Cars on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, MeltApp, and FaceBook.

2015-03-11 04:56:02

Tesla Nose Cone Parking Sensor Removal  |  Více info

How to remove your Parking Sensors from your Tesla Model S Nose cone

2015-06-10 11:25:23

Zadní spoiler-křídlo

Trunk Wing Spoiler Installation for Tesla Model S  |  Více info

For more visit:

Tesla Motors has created an amazing canvas with the Model S. We provide you with a palette of exterior aftermarket accessories that individualize the look of the vehicle. Seen in this video, the trunk wing spoiler extends to the end of each side of the trunk hatch and provides an enhanced and more muscular look. Check out this installation preview.

The Carbon Fiber Sports Package that also includes a front apron that completely replaces the existing factory part. When the trunk wing spoiler is combined with the replacement diffuser and center diffuser (replacing the chrome piece) in the lower part of the rear bumper, you'll create a spectacular new look for your Model S. The Carbon Fiber Sports Package allows you to create a custom, distinctive sport-performance look for your Tesla Model S.

To see the whole Carbon Fiber Sports Package, visit:

2016-02-13 13:22:21

Evannex háček na saka nebo kabáty


For More:

If you've ever wanted a convenient place to hang your shirt, blouse, slacks, sports jacket or even your dry cleaning in your Model S, these coat hooks can accomplish the job. The form factor is small, subtle, and unobtrusive in your Model S interior. You'll receive this set of two simple, strong, and inconspicuous black abs plastic hooks that will attach to both the driver and passenger sides of the rear seat area.

Easy-to-install, these coat hooks require no drilling or adhesives to provide a functional and sleek solution. You can hang up to 4 pounds per coat hook or total of 8 pounds using both hooks. Note: the 'HookUp' Coat Hooks product come in a 'Set of Two' hooks.

2016-11-24 14:40:31

Tesla model S all-weather front trunk mat, rear wheel drive,

prodáváno aktuálně na webu Auto Auction Sale za $74.99

2016-11-24 15:09:42

EV Everything - consoles, coat hooks and Tesla Model S and Model X winter floor mats.

2017-04-24 02:40:40

TOPFIT Waterproof Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla(Gray)

cena na Amazon : $45.99

2017-05-08 08:42:58

Prior design

2017-05-28 01:38:59

Red Tesla Model S with 21 inch T Sportline TS115 Forged Wheels  |  Více info

2017 Red Tesla Model S with 21 inch T Sportline TS115 Forged Wheel Set.

21x9.0" with Pirelli PZ4 245/35-21" front

21x9.5" with Pirelli PZ4 265/35-21" rear

Weight savings: about 27% lighter than factory 21" Turbine staggered set

Accepts factory center cap, factory lug nuts, factory TPMS & factory 21" staggered tire size.