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2015-04-09 06:46:51

Under the hood tour of Tesla's Model S  |  Více info

A look at the basics that make up the Telsa Model S, an all-electric sedan that's just become available from the Silicon Valley-based company.

2016-12-14 14:03:00

trošku retro...no novinku je třeba pořádně vysvětlovat....

Tesla Model S - Technicals  |  Více info

Teslas CTO describes the technical details of the new, upcoming Model S Sedan. An interesting clip about a revolutionary car!!

2017-03-11 02:29:03

2017-03-11 02:39:04

Quick DIY: Fixing Tesla Model S Frunk Trim Clips  |  Více info

I noticed that my Model S frunk trim retaining clips were peeling off of the bodywork, so I decided to take care of it before putting the frunk back together again. This is a super easy fix, but I find it odd that Tesla's adhesive tape would be failing after only a little more than a year.


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