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2015-03-15 14:33:11

Tesla Winter Tire Swap - TPMS Reprogramming - TSportline TSTs  |  Více info

Also a quick review/comparison of the TSportline wheels on an air suspension car vs one that is coil suspended.

For more info, go to www.TeslaPittsburgh.com

2015-04-15 10:39:38

Počítejme spolu z různých zdrojů náklady na pneumatiky (4 ks) na jeden ujetý km.

pan David Noland se podělil o zkušenost kdy po 26.277 milích, přezouval auto v ceně za $1,131 což vychází 4.3 c/1 míli

což je 0,68 haléřů / 1 km.

2014 TESLA Model S P85 with HRE Rims  |  Více info

Be sure to watch it in 1080p!

I was lucky enough to receive the chance to film a '2014 Tesla S P85' getting 'HRE S104 Rims' put on. I spent a lot of time editing, probably 15+ hours along with learning some new techniques as well. It's not the greatest so I would love some feedback, comments and critics are welcome

This car is all electric

265 Miles Range (EPA)

416 HP

4.2 seconds 0-60 mph

130 mph top speed

Be sure to check out Ride One Motoring Shop:

2017-01-06 20:51:23

Kevin Bolz přezouval poprvé až po neuvěřitelných 83.000 mílích. Dle všeho protáčel i rezervní kolo. Nebo Tesla nemá rezervní kolo ?

2017-02-13 20:52:02

Our first experiences with coloured tire on the Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2016  |  Více info

#NikolaTeslaEVRallyCroatia, Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia

First tire test with colour,

Our first colour test and how the feedback of people will be.

A big thank you to all involved participants, who made this clip possible like:

  • Gottfried Repolusk, SL Multimedia GMBH (aerial movies)
  • Tomislav Hećimović (action movies)
  • Igor und Tina Kolovrat (organisation)
  • Christian Hoffmann (shots and movie sequences)
  • Klaus Schäfer (shots and movie sequences)
  • Mate Rimac (rally support and innovator)
  • Michael Benedict, Mibenco GmbH (color for experiment)

but especially my friend, pilot and co-pilot Dejan Stankovic, who did a big support for charging themes for all, together with the rally organisation.

Epilogue in general.

These experiences with electric cars on long trips, gave a clear understanding, against any regular prejudices: There is no practical reason for any user not to use an electric car instead of using a combustion engine or a hybrid car with alibi function. Of course, some industries prefer to protect their interests as long as possible. It’s up to us to make a change possible.

Happy to make action again the next rally in Croatia 2017

For more information, please look on