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Panoramatické čelní sklo a vnitřní sluneční clona

Fórum Tesla Model X Panoramatické čelní sklo a vnitřní sluneční clona

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2016-02-13 00:28:55

Tesla Model X Windshield  |  Více info

2016-07-15 19:08:50

Spectacular Model X windshield view  |  Více info

2016-08-13 19:41:04

Model X Sunshade is a Little Shady!  |  Více info

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If you're curious about the phone mount in the Model X seen in the videos. Here it is! It is amazing.

Here are the floor mats seen in the car.

Here are the seatback covers.

And car seat bottom cover protector we've found to be the best.