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osvětlení předního "T", zadního "TESLA"

Fórum Tesla Model S osvětlení předního "T", zadního "TESLA"

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2015-03-23 11:14:44

by TESLARATI and Rick Hesel - The lighted

postup instalace : http://www.teslarati.com/...nstallation-instructions/

Tesla Motors Model S: Lighted "T" on Nosecone. This baby's on FIRE!  |  Více info

Well, got one of the first 60 Lighted Tesla "T's" Produced by Artsci.

To order, please see:

I do not have my install on a remote yet. I don't have enough time (plus its friggin freezing out!) to wait for the remote system to arrive and get it installed before the drive to Niagara Falls for the Nicola Tesla documentary :) So as of right now, I am leaving it on all the time. The power draw is insanely low, so no concern about draining any batteries (i've already been asked that around two dozen times!). It would take approx 1 1/2 months of sitting to even make a dent in my 12v Aux battery on my Model S.

The toggle switch I used has 2 settings, one is just ON, the other is ON with a resistor. I currently have it to "ON with a resistor", as without it, the T was just too damn bright. It is about 2-3x brighter then shown in the video when supplied with the full voltage from the battery.

2015-03-23 11:28:57

Osvětlení zadního nápisu TESLA podle Danal Estes

Tesla Rear Applique scrolling  |  Více info

2015-03-23 11:31:42

TeslaAppKitt  |  Více info

Knight Rider scrolling of first prototype Tesla Rear Applique to have fully populated display boards and letter inserts. A couple of notes:

1) Upper Rightmost pixel on "A" is out. This is due to incorrect software configuration (and is already fixed)

2) The boards are just taped in. Silicone adhesive planned for production, and this will slightly change the dispersion.

3) The power supply in the background is the actual Volt and Amp drawn by the Applique.