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Fórum Tesla Model S motor

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2015-02-21 23:43:00

Three phase, four pole, AC Induction

TESLA S 60 – 1x zadní - 302 hp

TESLA S 85 – 1x zadní - 380 hp

TESLA S - P85 2 x zadní – celkem 416 hp (P je zkratka pro PERFORMANCE)

Reduction gear ration 9.73 to 1

Liquid cooled, with temperature monitored stator

Hmotnost : 68 kg

TESLA P85D – 1x přední 221 hp, 2x zadní , celkem zadní 470 hp , CELKEM CELÝ VŮZ : 691 hp

Liquid cooled, with temperature monitored stator.

2015-02-22 12:01:29

Pekny detail !!

2015-03-18 15:47:41

Jak jednoduche ..

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What's Under The Frunk Of A Tesla Model S?  |  Více info

Ever wonder what's really under the hood of a Tesla Model S? Well, watch and find out!


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Explanation of the 12V battery's purpose:

The 12V battery serves several functions, some of which safety related. The first and arguably most important job of the 12V battery is to power the main battery (traction battery) contactors--these contactors connect/disconnect the high voltage traction battery from the car's electrical system. If no power from the 12V system is present, the traction battery's contactors cannot close (or remain closed) and the high voltage pack remains isolated from the car. This functionality allows first responders to easily render the vehicle safer to work on in an emergency situation and it also keeps with general good practice of not energizing the high voltage systems unless they're needed. The other job of the 12V battery is to power all of the conventional automotive systems as well as the onboard computers.

As for charging, the car monitors the voltage of the 12V battery and will either charge it while you're driving if necessary or it will engage the traction battery's contactors to energize a DC-DC converter and charge the battery while parked. The high rate of replacement seen in the past was likely due to a combination of battery choice and the high rate of drain from the Model S (it could easily cycle the 12V battery multiple times in a day, even when sitting idle). Tesla has made some software changes which have improved the idle drain significantly, so it's less of an issue now.