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2015-02-11 21:37:27


A začneme zčerstva, od té "fruit company" co nikdy žádná auta nedělala, od firmy, z které Tesla Motors vyzobala 150 největších odborníků a přetáhla je k sobě.


So, I never went back to work for Lieutenant Dan,

though he did take care of my Bubba-Gump money.

He got me invested in some kind of fruit company.

And so then, I got a call from him saying

we don't have to worry about money no more,

and I said,

"That's good. One less thing."


A tak jsem se už nikdy nevrátil do práce k nadporučíku Danovi,

ten se staral o mý peníze z firmy Bubba-Gump.

Investoval je do nějaký ovocnářský firmy.

Jednou mi zavolal, že už se nikdy nebudeme muset strachovat o peníze,

a já mu na to řekl: "To je dobře. Další věc z krku."

Spot Apple - "Apple Forrest Gump"  |  Více info

2015-02-14 04:15:58

Apple has several hundred employees working secretly toward creating an Apple-branded electric vehicle, according to people familiar with the matter. They said the project, code-named "Titan," has an initial design of a vehicle that resembles a minivan, one of these people said.

The connected car, or vehicles with a full range of Internet and software services beyond mere navigation and communications, is considered one of the ripest areas for expansion for technology companies.

March 2014, Apple unveiled CarPlay, which lets drivers access contacts on their iPhones, make calls or listen to voicemails without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Along with HomeKit and HealthKit, the idea is to extend Apple's software dominance into industries including home devices, healthcare, and automobiles.

Apple CarPlay hands-on  |  Více info

Apple's new CarPlay integrates your iPhone with your car's entertainment system, giving you quick access to the things you need most when driving in a familiar interface.


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2015-02-14 06:19:19

iMove concept car  |  Více info

2nd semester project at IED, Turin. Apple machintosh concept car.

2015-02-19 20:35:28

Minerva JM Brabazon - Belgie

Minerva J.M. Brabazon: Neuer Hybrid-Supersportwagen aus Belgien angekündigt (Diashow)  |  Více info

Benannt nach dem britischen Rennfahrer und Flugpionier Lord John Moore Brabazon of Tara soll der Minerva J.M. Brabazon die traditionsreiche belgische Automarke Minerva wiederbeleben. Noch hat das Unternehmen nicht bekannt gegeben, wann der Brabazon mit Kohlefasermonocoque und Karosseriehülle aus Kohlefaser-Kevlar-Laminat auf den Markt kommen soll und zu welchem Preis - Informationen zur Motorisierung des Hybridsportlers gibt es jedoch bereits.

Mehr Infos unter

2015-11-01 08:15:45


2 world ??premieres by nanoFlowcell® at Geneva Motor Show 2015: the new QUANT F and QUANTiNO  |  Více info

2015-11-05 23:59:00


oznámila dnes investici 1 mld. dolarů, která ji umožní vyrobit první vozy v roce 2017.

Vzhledem k nízkému počtu odborníku v oboru je víceprezidentem bývalý manažer TESLA MOTORS Nick Sampson a dle informací personální sítě Linked in od Tesly přešel i designer s československými kořeny René Fabri.

Za firmou stojí čínský kapitál, konkrétně miliardář Jia Yueting, majitel společnosti LeTV.

Firma chce kromě vlastního vozu nabízet i široké množství tzv. obsahu, t.j. aplikací do ve voze umístěného tabletu, podle Tesly dnes nazývaného nejčastěji touchscreen.

Faraday Future reveals "Car of Concept" FF Zero1 @ CES 2016 - The first electric supercar is born  |  Více info

FFZERO1: a “Car of Concepts”

“The FFZERO1 Concept is an amplified version of the design and engineering philosophies informing FF’s forthcoming production vehicles,” said Richard Kim, head of design, Faraday Future. “This project liberated our designers and inspired new approaches for vehicle forms, proportions and packaging that we can apply to our upcoming production models.”


User-centric design is core to FF’s product development approach. Like future FF production models, the FFZERO1 Concept has a sixth sense for its drivers’ needs: featuring adaptive personalization, seamless transfer of custom vehicle configurations, access to live images and real time data visualization.

Faraday Future has directly integrated the smartphone into the steering column, representing the intersection of technology and automotive engineering. Conceptually, this setup could enable the smartphone to serve as the interface between the vehicle and the driver in – and outside – of the car.

The FFZERO1 Concept could be fully autonomous, meeting its driver at the track and perhaps taking a few perfect laps on its own to compare with, and improve upon, its driver’s performance.


Another of FF’s core philosophies is to design from the inside out. The FFZERO1 Concept’s interior is primarily white with a carbon fiber finish – a pure and extremely clean aesthetic atypical for combustion engine race cars, but reflective of a clean, quiet electric vehicle.

Inspired by NASA research, the single-seat configuration offers a comfortable, weightless body position, holding the driver at a perfect 45-degree angle, thereby helping to promote circulation.

The propeller-shaped, asymmetric instrument panel is a theme that will be incorporated into the future FF design DNA. The panel runs seamlessly into a unique Halo Safety System with integrated head and neck support, oxygen, and water supply fed to the driver through a prototype helmet. The system could also gather biometric data about its driver.


Utilizing lightweight materials and composites on the VPA platform, the FF design team experimented with new driver-focused proportions, pushing the canopy forward for a perfectly aerodynamic teardrop profile.

FF’s soon-to-be signature “UFO line” runs around the center of the vehicle and is intended to give the sense that this vehicle is not completely of this world.

Aero tunnels run through the interior length of the vehicle, allowing air to flow through the car rather than around it, dramatically reducing drag and improving battery cooling.


Featuring four motors, one at each wheel, FFZERO1 is built for its use case: the track. If developed for limited production, it will have more than 1000 horsepower and will accelerate from zero to 60 in under three seconds, with a top speed in excess of 200 miles per hour.


Since its inception 18 months ago, Faraday Future’s team of multidisciplinary experts from the technology, automotive, aerospace and digital content fields has dedicated itself to not only building the next generation of safe, reliable, high-quality electric vehicles, but also to creating an entirely new vision for mobility. In doing so, many design and engineering team members were encouraged to sketch out additional possibilities. One drawing of a high- performance racecar particularly intrigued Nick Sampson, who suggested building it on the VPA as a proving ground for FF’s design and engineering concepts.

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2016-01-29 19:33:35

"Dubuc Motors"

Dubuc Motors, Drive the Dream Faster!  |  Více info

To buy stock in Dubuc Motors:

In a first for the cleantech automotive industry, Dubuc Motors launches its electric supercar, the Tomahawk, on an equity crowdfunding platform, Start Engine. Dubuc Motors, a spirited and respected startup, will unveil a world’s first with a 2+2 all-electric supercar.

2016-02-13 07:22:18

Porovnání cen elektromobilů a plug-in hybridů v USA včetně Tesla S a Tesla X podle InsideEvs - únor 2016. Dojezd uváděn v mílích.