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2015-01-19 21:54:32

Seriové vybavení verze auta 60 kWh :

19″ palců : R19 / P245/45 98V - Goodyear Eagle RS-A - High Performance All-Season Tires

Seriové vybavení verze 85 kWh :

19″ palců : R19 / P245/45 98V - Michelin Primacy MXM4 - Grand Touring All-Season Tires

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Concavo, BBS, Vossen, T-Sportline

Tesla Model S on 22" Vossen CV1 Concave Wheels | Rims  |  Více info

We were very excited to be one of the first to put our hands on the new Tesla Model S and even more excited to be part of a modified one. Check out this matte blue Tesla on our 22" Graphite CV1 wheels in 22" sizes. Wheel fitment is perfect on this futuristic vehicle. We decided to play some irony in the video, did you catch it?

Vossen VVS-CV1

F: 22x9 / R: 22x10.5

Matte Graphite

Watch in HD on Vimeo

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2015-01-20 22:53:10

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Tesla Model S Rim Protector Re-Installation  |  Více info

After 2 out of 4 cheap rim protectors had fallen off, I decided to install Rimblades this time on just the back wheels. My referral code:

2015-01-27 22:30:40


2015-03-01 18:31:16

Product Review: Wheel Bands from RimPro-Tec - it's News from the Frunk episode 29!  |  Více info

Welcome to News from the Frunk, Episode 29.

News from the Frunk* is a short round up of key Tesla news over the previous few days. Would love your feedback in the comments below.

Contact me at: info@owningmodels.com

Today’s episode is a review of Wheel Bands from RimPro-Tec. I recently curbed my 21” wheel and replaced it, so I decided to fit from rim protectors and see how they perform.


Tesla Motors:


My book, "Owning Model S":

If you are thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, or already have one and want to know a little more about the car, my book “Owning Model S” is available for $24.95 plus tax and shipping from OwningModelS.com

See you on the next episode of “News from the Frunk”.

* The ‘Frunk’ is the front trunk in the Tesla Model S (where an internal combustion engine would be, if it had one)

2015-03-05 11:25:23

P85 with HRE Rims

2014 TESLA Model S P85 with HRE Rims  |  Více info

Be sure to watch it in 1080p!

I was lucky enough to receive the chance to film a '2014 Tesla S P85' getting 'HRE S104 Rims' put on. I spent a lot of time editing, probably 15+ hours along with learning some new techniques as well. It's not the greatest so I would love some feedback, comments and critics are welcome

This car is all electric

265 Miles Range (EPA)

416 HP

4.2 seconds 0-60 mph

130 mph top speed

Be sure to check out Ride One Motoring Shop:

2015-04-20 08:36:44


2015-10-19 05:12:47

T-sportline - 21" TS115 limited edition Uberose

2016-09-01 08:11:00

20" Metallic Grey TST od T-SPORTLINE

2016-12-01 17:53:58

MX5 Wheels for Tesla Model X

MX5 Wheels for Tesla Model X  |  Více info

The MX5 22" forged aftermarket wheels are engineered specifically for the Tesla Model X owner who wants to retain factory tire sizes, but gain more functionality by saving weight and retaining maximum range. The MX5 wheels set comes in a staggered size of 22×9.0″ Front - 22x10.0″ Rear. The MX5 wheels are all about factory compatibility. Model X owners can use a factory Tesla center cap, factory lug nuts, factory TPMS and 22" factory tires on the MX5 forged wheel.

MX5 wheels are available at: