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2016-11-24 16:16:31

Getting Ready for Model 3: A Guide for Future Tesla Model 3 Owners by Roger S. Pressman

$9.95 by EVannex

is the world’s first book to focus exclusively on the Tesla Model 3. GR4M3 distills the millions of words written about Model 3 by the media into a cohesive, well-structured whole. It uses information gleaned from forums, blogs, auto magazines, websites, and social media along with significant original content to produce a discussion of Model 3 that will be of use to every person on the Model 3 reservation list and everyone else who has interest in the car.

Written by someone who has actually been inside Model 3 and has taken a demonstration drive, GR4M3 allows you to better appreciate Model 3 by examining the exterior and interior of the car; clarifying important issues like range and “range anxiety;” discussing what is known about the car’s tech, and explaining charging and autonomous driving, and predicting the cost of ownership. It addresses some of the decisions you’ll likely face when you’re asked to configure your Model 3 and identifies the things you’ll need to do to get ready for your first battery electric vehicle. GR4M3 even provides you with a method for estimating when your car will be delivered.