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2015-10-02 04:29:49

The Tesla Drive Unit - Building The High Performance Motor  |  Více info

Watch the steps which lead to building the most advanced electric drive unit in a production vehicle.

2015-10-02 04:35:00

Electric Motor: Model S, Tesla Motors  |  Více info

About the motor and drive train in the Model S sedan. 4 pole 3 phase induction motor. 290 kilowatt motor. The Tesla Model S beats all other cars in its class for power to weight ratio. This car is a great example of the potential of electric cars.

2015-10-02 04:52:41

Verze pouze se zadním motorem. Vlevo po směru jízdy elektromotor, vpravo řídicí jednotka.

2015-10-02 04:54:43

Verze se dvěma motory : P85D

259 hp - přední motor

503 hp - zadní motor

2015-10-18 11:42:58

Podrobný popis motoru :

305 kW

Elektrický motor na střídavé napětí (podle patentu Nikola Tesly), t.j. z baterie, kde je stejnosměrné napětí 400 V je střídačem upraveno na střídavé napětí 12 V, které pohání elektromotor.

Převodový poměr na osu je 9.73:1, výrobce převodu je zřejmě firma Borg Warner nebo eGearDrive.

Motor má výkon 600 Newton meters (435 ft lbs).

2015-10-18 13:32:40

Řídící jednotka (drive unit, inverter) = střídač pro převod stejnosměrného napětí 400 V z baterie na střídavý proud motoru 12 V, desky řízení, kondenzátory, transformátor napětí z 12 V na 400 V a usměrňovač transformující střídavý proud elektromotoru při rekuperativním "brzdění" (zpomalování) na stejnosměrný proud baterie 400 V.

2016-01-09 05:03:00

Tesla Model S P85D - New Underbody/Frame Close-Up  |  Více info

What you see here is the frame of Teslas current halo car the Model S P85D which has two motors. As you can see one of them is placed between the rear wheels as before and the new one between the front wheels. The "Frunk" is still existent but decreased slightly in size. This video was recorded in the official Tesla Zurich, Switzerland showroom.

2016-05-17 18:25:04

Tesla Model S - Rear Drive Unit - On the Bench - First Success  |  Více info

Received this motor this afternoon. First one I've gotten my hands on, finally! :) From scratch, got it spinning this evening. Took me longer to get it down here to my work area (waited on some help... this is heavier than it looks) than it did to get it actually get it hooked up and to decipher the data needed and write the software that makes it spin. Still some work to do in that area to make everything nice and functional, but the hard stuff is done. I've had the unit in my possession for about 12 hours, many of which were spent out running errands and other unrelated stuff.

From the time I had it physically in place and hooked up to the time I cracked the needed CAN messages and their structures: less than 3 hours.

Oh, and the motor was pulled from a car with firmware 7.1, so has the latest security items that would normally prevent this sort of thing... ;)

2016-05-31 08:50:45

2016-12-01 17:58:21

Tesla Model S - Motor and rear clip working in workshop  |  Více info

Unedited, single take, just got this stuff hooked up 5 minutes before filming. Hooked my latest custom control board to the motor, let it do it's initial thing, and presto. Works perfectly. :)

Good thing I've got some safety coded into the controller so that it won't go from D to R at high speeds... that would have been bad... as in, the motor probably would have flipped. haha.

Have to charge my Volt battery back up now, though... too much messing around.