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2015-12-25 21:06:52

Tesla ve svém novém manuálu : 2016 Model X Emergency Response Guide nepřímo odhalila i konstrukci dveří FALCON DOOR.


2016-01-03 17:56:13

přední dveře - čas 1:55

zadní dveře - čas 6:00

Model X doors overview  |  Více info

2016-01-03 18:11:46

My Daughter testing the Falcon Wing Doors  |  Více info

Walk around video of our Tesla Signature Model X during our delivery

2016-09-17 09:15:41

Přesah předních dveří při špatně dovřených zadních dveřích.

TalkingTesla Falcon Wing hits Front Door  |  Více info

Mel Herbert v the Falcon Wing doors!

2017-02-15 04:37:17

Oprava dveří :

Falcon Wings Dissected: A rare look inside!  |  Více info

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Equipment and accessories seen and used in the videos:

*Magnetic phone mount. It is amazing!

*Here are the floor mats seen in the car.

*Here are the seatback covers.

*And child seat bottom protectors we've found to be the best.

*Camera and stabilizer:

EVO makes incredible camera stabilizers for everything from mobile phones to Go Pros and DSLR's.

Here is our GoPro stabilizer used for the videos.

*Our videos are almost all shot on GoPro Hero 4 which comes with the rear screen so we can see everything while filming.

*GoPro external microphone. It's compact, durable and provides exceptional sound quality.

*We also use the Sony A6500 camera

Lenses Used



EVO Large Camera Stabilizer


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2017-02-20 09:52:32

vyproštění krz zadní dveře

Tesla Model X First Responders Training Advanced Extrication  |  Více info

2017-04-27 00:55:37

Jak se vyprostit ze zavřených zadních dveří.

Video navazuje na situaci kdy při požáru auta se neotevřely zadní dveře: http://cs.tesla-club.eu/f...4?select=1604#message1604

The correct method to escape from the falcon wing door of Model X.  |  Více info

Recently, people was buzzing with the accident that model x caught on fire and the falcon wing door wouldn’t open.

As a Tesla owner ,everyone should watch the video carefully to learn the way to escape from the falcon wing door ,which can save yourself at essential moment.