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Informace o modelu: Tesla Model S

2015-03-15 21:22:57

Tesla přidala titanové pláty na spodek vozu na ochranu proti proražení baterie umístěné ve spodku ostrým nebo tvrdým předmětem ležící na silnici.

Tesla adds titanium plate to protect against battery fires | Consumer Reports

After several highly publicized fires of the Tesla Model S, the manufacturer announced new reinforcements, including a titanium plate, to protect the electric battery from road debris punctures. For a more detailed description of the upgrade, read "Tesla Model S receives titanium under-armor to prevent fires."

2015-03-16 10:36:02

2013 Tesla Model S | Pole Crash Test by NHTSA | CrashNet1

Overall: 5 Stars

Frontal: 5 Stars

Side: 5 Stars

Rollover: 5 Stars

NHTSA - New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Side Pole Test:

A small-sized adult female crash test dummy is placed in the driver's seat and is secured with a seat belt. The test vehicle, angled at 75 degrees, is then pulled sideways at 20 mph (32km/h) into a 25-cm diameter pole at the driver's seating location. This test mimics a side impact crash involving a narrow, fixed object like a utility pole or tree.

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