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2015-02-21 11:58:38


Inductive Charging  |  Více info

Electric vehicles can be charged contact-free via inductive energy flow. It is safe and no cables are needed.

2015-02-21 12:08:54

MotorWeek | Auto World: EV Wireless Charging  |  Více info

We show you a new way of charging your electric vehicle without plugging it up.

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2015-02-21 12:11:55


HEVO Power 3D Video  |  Více info

3D Video illustrating the capabilities of the HEVO Power Network

2015-02-21 13:23:44


Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging  |  Více info

Wireless EV Charging (WEVC) is simple, easy to use and elegant. For more information on Halo, please visit www.qualcommhalo.com.

2015-02-21 14:04:06


Infiniti LE Concept - Experience wireless charging  |  Více info

Welcome to the bold future of high performance electric vehicles. This luxury 5-seat sedan is Infiniti's ultimate expression of future mobility: powerful electric propulsion with zero emission, luxury design, organic styling, and effortless wireless charging. More than just fantasy, the Infiniti LE Concept becomes reality in 2014.

Zero emission, zero cables, 100% luxury. Because Infiniti believes true luxury should always be intuitive -- not intrusive.

The Infiniti LE Concept features advanced wireless charging that's completely hands free. There are no plugs or cables to handle, making charging utterly effortless.

Intelligent Park Assist automatically guides the vehicle into the perfect position over the wireless charging pad, guaranteeing the most efficient, simplest charge possible.

2015-02-21 18:10:06

Nevim, co to ma spolecneho s Teslou, kdyz uz se tyhle stranky tak jmenuji. To by spis patrilo na Hybrid, nebo Elektricke vozy.

2017-02-20 14:38:50

Tesla Model S - Wireless Charging  |  Více info

The Tesla Model S charging wirelessly - just park to charge. Plugless is a true 7.2kW charger which means 20 to 25 miles of range per hour of charging. A full workday or overnight charging means Tesla owners will rarely think about range. Find out more:

2017-02-20 14:55:10

Plugless for Tesla Model S - Rick's First Charge  |  Více info

Watch Rick, owner of Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA, pull up, park and autonomously charge with his brand new Plugless for the Model S.

2017-02-26 17:03:55

Standartizace v oboru bezdrátového nabíjení aut se ujala SAE a její norma má označení SAE J2954. Mělo by se jednat o normu pro nabíjení velikosti 11 kW.