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Fórum Pokec všeobecný autopilot

2015-10-15 08:02:01

Tesla dnes vydává software verze 7.0 s první inplementací autopilotu.

Digitální řízení motorů, brzd a řízení pomáhá zabránit kolizím. Auto může také oskenovat parkovací místo, a samo zaparkovat.

Hands on with Tesla's Autopilot  |  Více info

Ars' Ron Amadeo drives a Tesla P90D with Autopilot

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Hands on with Tesla's Autopilot

Producer: Jennifer Hahn

2015-10-15 08:04:37

Tesla's Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful  |  Více info

We test drove Tesla's Model S Level 2 autonomous system, known as Autopilot. It was super weird and super fun. Check out the full review here:

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Drive free or die!

2015-10-16 06:59:02

Tesla Model S Autopilot (Autosteer) Demonstration  |  Více info

I'm Jen, the "Every Day" Tesla co-owner and enthusiast.

This is my first go at autopilot and I hope to eventually upload more videos and reviews of the most amazing piece of automotive machinery every created.

If you liked the video, please consider making a $1 donation (literally!) to the Free to Breathe walk in honor of Marc, a friend's non-smoke husband who at the age of 28 was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has since left us but his team and his cause is as strong as ever!

2015-10-17 14:11:54

Tesla self parking  |  Více info

2015-10-19 19:00:46

Tesla Model S P85D Autopilot  |  Více info

Demo of the tesla autopilot on Tesla Model S P85D by Martin-Luc Archambault

Démonstration du systeme autopilot de la Tesla Model S P85D par le dragon Martin-Luc Archambault