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2017-05-22 04:18:44 Nový referral program

Referral Programme

Starting May 19, 2017, Tesla owners can give five friends free unlimited Supercharging and a £750 credit toward a new Model S or Model X with their personal referral code. Existing Tesla owners will also receive free unlimited Supercharging on any new Model S or Model X that they purchase - no referral required.

As a thank you, owners will be eligible to receive exclusive Referral Program awards, including:

1. Qualifying Referral: Founders Series Tesla Model S for Kids

Share the Tesla experience with your kids, with this miniature drivable electric Model S – including working headlights, a sound system, and a charge port, just like yours.

2. Qualifying Referrals: Early Access Token for Solar Roof

Be one of the first to get Solar Roof with this early-access token for priority scheduling of a Solar Roof installation. If you do not use this award, the token may be given to a friend.

3. Qualifying Referrals: 21” Arachnid Wheels

Enhance the performance of your Model S with exclusive 21” forged-aluminum Arachnid wheels in silver. These are not available to the public and will be available for installation in August for winners in this program.

4. Qualifying Referrals: Founders Series Powerwall 2

Store energy for future use and provide backup power with this red, limited-production Powerwall 2 home battery. This edition is not available to the public and will be available for installation starting Fall 2017 for winners in this program. Installation charges may apply.

5. Qualifying Referrals: Tesla Semi Truck Unveil Invitation

Experience the official unveil of our semi truck this September. Your VIP invitation is valid for you and one guest.

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